Fear can fever a man’s mind and give him queer thoughts.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice #1)

Writers understand the discomfort of googling something odd or violent as research for a story.

Writers understand the discomfort of googling something odd or violent as research for a story.

siobhan1779 asked
Can you give me ideas of what to write about please ?😋😋😋


I can give you lots of ideas, the problem is, they will be my ideas written by you.

The issue with writing someone else’s ideas is that you know they are not yours, and there’s this expectation-selfdoubt cycle about what you’re writing. That’s why, in my case, I don’t write other people’s ideas. Because, deep down I know they are not mine, they do not belong to me, and they feel foreign.

The way you tell a story is different from everyone else’s, there’s a reason why we don’t get tired of reading a new version of Cinderella or Pride and Prejudice. There’s a reasons why fanfiction exists and why people love them. They all give us fresh readings.

Almost everything can give you an idea, pictures, videos, music, tv shows, movies, documentaries, news, people, clothes, landscapes, animals, etc.

There are thousands of stories left to be told, your imagination is yours to come up with them, to let the world know about them. Your imagination is yours to control. Let it run wild. Don’t let anyone (that includes us, the mods) tell you what to write. If you didn’t like the end of Flatland, go ahead, write a new version. If you think Fight Club could have been different, go on, try something different. If you want to write the story of seasons passing by, go for it. If you picture this world where we don’t use cars but ride ostrichs, now is your time to write such story.

There are two tags that can help you, the inspiration tag and the writer’s block tag. There’s also this blog, where writing prompts are posted.

As a suggestion, carry a notebook with you, wherever you go. If an idea pops up, write it down; if you find something interesting, write it too. If you don’t like the idea of a notebook, your cell phone can work too, and if it has a camera, you can take pictures. Make time to write, give yourself an hour or two to write whatever comes. Find a place, your bedroom, a park, the subway, a library. Some people write in the morning, others during the day, some people prefer to write at night. Find your own time.

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I hope this can help you.


Guys, I have a favorite person now.

Guys, I have a favorite person now.




all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]

Okay one question. How would it be physically possible for the dragon to have it’s head in that position for the us deathly hallows cover. Like how?

No but who knows, Dragons aren’t real. This particular one could possibly have a more snake like skeletal structure which would make movements like this slightly more possible

Yeah maybe. I don’t know it just looked slightly odd to me!

it doesn’t matter which ones you like more, everyone has to appreciate that they’re not movie picture covers.

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Writing Robots


When we think of robots we think of this little cutie or the disguised type that Michael Bay likes to blow up in his Transformers movies, but it doesn’t have to end there. Here’s the low-down on some other automated amigos.

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Androids: Man-made creations designed…