Right? Write? Yes, write.



basic spelling when it comes to trans terms, since these things tend to get misspelled fairly often:

  • transgender, not ‘transgendered’. you wouldn’t say someone is gayed; it’s the same thing here
  • trans, not trans*
  • remember to put the space. trans woman,…


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve put a lot of books down because the characters were just completely fucking boring. This was especially troublesome for me when my favorite genre was YA urban fantasy. I have quite a few teen fantasy books on my shelves with bookmarks…

Writing Websites

I’ve got some writing websites to share in case you haven’t hear of them.

Wattpad: You can upload your stories and read other peoples, generally for teens, but not exclusively.

750 Words: Do you want to write everyday? Try this website and earn badges for the longer you can stick with it.

NanoWrimo: Write a novel in a month!

ArchiveofOurOwn: Fanfiction!!!!

Charahub: Keep track of your characters and have a format for making them.

WrittenKitten: Cat pictures for every 100 words.

Coffitivity: Listen to the sounds of a cafe to stimulate creativity.

Feel free to add onto this, I’ll be editing it as I remember more.



  • Less danger of writing awful purple prose
  • Friends can survive without constantly being around each other
  • Friendships are really cute
  • It’s easier to write healthy friendships
  • Somebody can be friends with two people without it turning into an annoying “friendship triangle”
  • Positive…